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Remote Support

     Terms And Conditions

  The remote softwere below gives CB's Computers And Electronics repair Support representatives the ability to control your computer for troubleshooting purposes. Utilizing this tool, support representatives can analyze the configuration of your system, view and edit your files and registry, view and comment on your screen. The representative will have full access to your system, please remain at your system throughout the entire session to monitor all actions taken. Once your session begins, you will always have overriding control by movement of your mouse. You will also be able to discontinue The session at any time by selecting "X" in the upper right hand corner of the session window.


   Sessions may be monitored or recorded for quality control purposes.



   If potentially illegal, suspicious or dangerous activity is discovered during the course of the remote session, CB's Computers And Electronics repair reserves the right to report it to the appropriate agencies, including law enforcement



  please note that the above shown disclaimer has no connection with Team Viewer Gmbh. it was inividually defined by CB's Computers And Electronics repair By clicking on the Team Viewer Icon Below you agree to all the terms and conditions above
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